Off The Cuff

Welcome to my equivalent of mental doodling. Off The Cuff’s intention is to provide a place to put all those ideas that occur to me regularly, but are too short to deserve an entry due to lack of time to develop them into a cohesive article. I might make this a catch all for future blog entry ideas to develop as I get time, or a dumping ground for ideas that deserve more than a transitory post to Facebook or Twitter.

Things like observational phrases, whether they’re mean to be humorous (such as my often mis-credited saying, “The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.*”) to more serious truisms that I thought of today or ten years ago (such as “There’s no defense against stupid”).

*It is funny because according to what I read in the 90’s, Hydrogen is less stable than Helium, so actually Helium is more common. Any chemists can correct me if I am wrong.


“It’s easier to be inconsiderate than it isn’t. Don’t take the easy path: That’s just lazy.”

“It’s not making mistakes nor achieving success that builds wisdom. It’s how much you learn from the experience.”

“Problems that go away on their own, tend to come back on their own.”

and of course my blog’s catch-phrase: “Hey you kids, Get off my digital lawn!”

Arrogance is often a symptom of ignorance.” Inspirational credit goes to Alan (Wolf) who owns Borderlands in SF after bumping into him at a Death Guild this past Monday after many years. The exchange went something like this.

  • Me: “Yeah, we didn’t get along when we first met.”
  • Him: “Yeah you were and asshole.”
  • Me: “Yeah I was, and so were you.”
  • (We both laughed because it was true, we were both arrogant assholes when we were younger.)
  • Me:“It wasn’t until we started talking about books that we started to get along.”
  • (A few minutes later we toasted to the arrogance of youth.)

Also this will be a scratch pad for ideas that come to me daily, often in groups of 2 or 10. From the silly, to the serious:

  • (A site dedicated to the internet’s other purpose: Cats!) UPDATE: new title: Feliminati [A work in progress]
  • The CL Historical Project structure [studying problem]
  • OSO: Operating System Overseer* (If an operating system is going to crash, maybe it’s time to do more than throw up a panic screen?) [pure fantasy, would need a coprocessor, RAM & a bit of Flash storage to monitor and have a lightweight UI that could take over if it sensed the main system was going to go down.]
  • Good Advice site ( is being squatted upon): a parody of an advice site. √ (Still booting it up)
  • Dick Tracy: Nuff Said. leveraging BT4’s unique power (Everyone is doing this now so I am thinking about Haptic clothing now…)
  • Agloves… Finally gloves that don’t make me feel like a Cosplay reject So Far So Good (Maybe Haptic Agloves? I think I’ll post a quick Idea blurb now… 20120427 since it has been on my mind for a while. This is from an IM chat with my best friend.) √

…and anything else that crosses my mind that should be preserved.

That’s all for now… I’m planning on updating this page as necessary.

Bounce some ideas off of me if you’d like.

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