thanks for all the fish

…the new posting UI is horrid… I moved to and no longer post here. Why? #1: I really do not like advertising, expecialy when it takes up a lot of screen real estate and clashes with my aesthetic. I was a full time designer last century & aesthetics really do matter for how your writing it received. Search for my post about when they overruled my protest to not sending out the company reports in PDF format. Looks matter, but you must still have the substance to justify the positive attention, BTW. A lot of apps & sites are coming out that add nothing beyond a skin deep rehash of things that have existed in uglier forms for over a decade. I see almost nothing in new UIs that actually make full use of the paradigm they are in to make using them truly efficient and enjoyable, Basically once the focus went from function to aesthetics, the entire industry lost its way and think slick UIs are what makes a product good. Sadly, most people are fooled by this, and now UI/UX has actually regressed to a state that they were in during the mid-90s.

This might sound like a “Trumpism,” but I know I could do a much better job with a team of people who also understood even parts of this philosophy.

2 thoughts on “thanks for all the fish

  1. When are you going to come back and post something new? You’re usually right, which I know you know. We will eventually listen :)

    • I have actually moved my blog to my own ISP. So, update your links to for all the latest, and stay turned for news of an upcoming reboot of an old hobby of mine. Also, coming “soon” a review of Misfit’s Shine (the short review would be that it’s great if you like to track your activity for $100 & can’t justify spending move for an iWatch/smartwatch).

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