ScottEVest’s Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece is on Sale Today!… Avoid It

I would advise anyone to steer clear of this Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece sale (and probably ScottEVest), considering the problems I have had with both the manufacturing quality and the customer support. As of this morning I started an inquiry with customer service on the 26th of last month (3 weeks ago today) that is still unresolved. Too bad considering I really liked the first Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece I bought: too bad it started falling apart less than 3 months in daily use.

Read more about why I am avoiding ScootEVest following this link:


2 thoughts on “ScottEVest’s Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece is on Sale Today!… Avoid It

  1. We are extremely sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with our products. We do stand behind them as shown by our 2 year warranty. However, sometime these defects can happen and that is why we have that warranty in place. Our customer service has been aware of your incident and were awaiting response to their last outreach. We are happy to try and come to a reconcilable solution for this situation. Please contact and we can further the conversation. Thank you very much.

    • Well, as I said in the article: I had been trying to resolve this issue for close to a month, and your CS agent told me I would have to send the jacket in so they could examine it to determine if it is a defect or a design change. In the interim, I would be out a jacket, and she would not tell me how long the process would take. In fact, She has neglected to answer my questions and also does not read my responses or does not have the reading comprehension to understand them and reply intelligently. I cannot return this because she will not tell me how to proceed with the UPS email that had no instructions on actions I could take. It had no shipping label I could find on UPS’s linked site either.

      At this point, I have spent more time than the product is worth, and I could take it to a seamstress and have it altered for less than the frustration of wasting time with someone who simply cannot do her job to a reasonable person’s satisfaction.

      A 2 year warranty is worthless if getting warranty service is a huge hassle and you have to deal with someone who doesn’t bother reading what you write and asks the same question that you have answered 3 times before. Also, with a 100% defect rate, I would rather have no warranty and a product that had no defects than one I had to do a song and dance to resolve a in warranty issue.

      BTW, I did reply to your CS Rep’s last email, and told her what she could do if she really wants to honor the warranty, because I am done wasting my time with SeV. It shouldn’t take 10 emails to resolve this simple and obvious defect. But I do not expect you to read all of this, just as you obviously did not read the whole post. I chalk this up to Marketing spin where you say “Oh we are waiting on you” when no, I am waiting on you. The customer should not be the one offering solutions, that is your job. Failing to understand your customer must be a cancer in your company that will eventually destroy it easy quickly as it destroyed my confidence in SeV.

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