NoiseHush NS400: A Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

TL;DR: These Rock. sound great, work well… 5 Stars

TL;DR: These Rock. sound great, work well… 5 Stars

A while back I wrote a review of the Kanex AirBlue, and gave it the thumbs up for its sound quality and easy of use. As I mentioned I was burned by Best Buy’s in-house Rocketfish Bluetooth headset, and didn’t want to spend north of $60 for another headset that ended up in the junk drawer. Well, I always keep an eye out for products, new or old that fit the bill: I wanted an (1) easy to connect Bluetooth Headset that had (2) good stereo audio quality for music and a (3) a mic for phone calls where (4) people could hear me clearly on the other end. The Rocketfish only fit the second and third criteria, and I had been using the AirBlue since the Rocketfish broke after 3 or 4 months.

I saw the NoiseHush NS 400 on sale at NewEgg for $35 — well under my $50 limit for a BT headset — about a month and a half ago. I don’t think I should have to pay much more for wireless headset than a tethered headset of the same audio quality. So, given I think decent quality can be found for around $25, if I add the battery, buttons and bluetooth transceiver, it should be less than $45. In case you are wondering, the NoiseHush NS400 meets or exceeds my criteria for what a bluetooth headset should be.

The NoiseHush connects to my MacBook, my iPad and my phone reliably and with no “plug and pray” sequence that frustrates me like the Rocketfish did. The sound quality is as good as the Kanex AirBlue: Bass is bass-y, but not overblown. Treble is on the mellow end, but fairly crisp using lossless or 256Kbps audio. Also, people can’t tell the difference between my phone’s built in mic and my headset.

When something (1) transparently connects, (2) sounds as good as any behind the neck headphones, and (3) people don’t notice when you are on the headset: I call that a good product. And there are a few more pluses. The battery life is great for a package this small. I think it lasts over 6 hours at close to full volume. I am not sure because I can usually listen as long as I feel like without having to charge the unit, and that’s all that really matters. The headphones are comfortable because they are heavily padded with soft pleather that also isolates outside noise and improves bass response. If I squeeze the headphones close to my ears the bass gets very strong. None of the other headphones in this form factor had this ability: what bass I got out of those other ones was it, and often not enough. Another cool feature, that I missed  that only my Sony wired behind the neck headphones had was the ability to fold the headphones up into a small, almost pocket sized bundle. When folded they fit in a pocket a bit larger than a jacket pocket fairly well. I actually use 2 S-Biner from Nite Ize and a quick disconnect tab to tie them to a loop in my jacket or hook through an open area.

NS400s Folded hanging off my jacket

NS400s Folded hanging off my jacket

So, While I hate giving out 5 star reviews, because there is always room for improvement, I can’t think of one reason after close to 2 months of almost daily use to deduct even half a star… So, are they worth it? Hell yes! I might never have a reason to try Able Planet’s $90 headset after using these. In fact before all you people go drain their stock, I’m going to order a backup pair — I kid you not. (And I did after I posted this.)

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