CleanMyMac 2: Not Just for Newer Users

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CleanMyMac2: Looks as good as it cleans

Bottom Line (TL;DR) MacPaw’s CleanMyMac2 is a fast and easy Mac cleanup utility that even advanced users will find a few features that save them tons of time. You could do a lot of the stuff that CleanMyMac2 does manually, but then you would have much less time to do other things, like actually being productive. Yes: I would recommend it to pretty much anyone.

“System Maintenance”
If the above phrase makes you lose all interest in this article, or makes you shutter with guilt because you don’t do it often enough —or worse, never — then let me tell you how you can do it
  1. easily,
  2. virtually error free,
  3. and without taking away more than a few minutes of your month.
There are of course a few ways to do this, but in order to achieve all of this, especially the last condition you will have to plunk down some cash.
Read on Skeptic, your review awaits…
Sure you could download a few free shareware tools that do some of what  CleanMyMac2 does, and spend an hour or two a month performing maintenance.
Or you could even learn to write shell scripts and sprinkle in some AppleScript skills. Those are easy enough to pick up. But before you dive in, plan to make errors & do a backup.
Backing up saved my bacon years ago when I started scripting. (A no, I did not type. “sudo rm -r *.*”  or something equally silly, it was more like merging two folders without normalizing their names.) 
Or you could even spend cash on another cleaning utility that is less elegant and less reliable than CleanMyMac2. I was once burned by a clean up utility back I the OS 8–9 days (luckily I also had a backup then as well), and had avoided them since.
With my reservations and experience on the table so you know where I am coming from, I can honestly tell you, that I thought CleanMyMac2 would be something beneath my skill set. I told Anna of MacPaw that it would probably not be suitable for advanced users such as myself. I thought upon inserting the press prerelease version into my machine, that I would run it once or twice and then shelve permanently.
Well, I was wrong. And this is one of those times I am glad to have been wrong. I have no problem being wrong as long as the net result benefits me. And the benefits of running MacPaw’s CleanMyMac2 make me feel a bit guilty that they gave it to me for free. I like supporting smaller developers, so the least I can do is sing MacPaw’s praises I return for their help and the free license key. When she handed it to me, I told her that I might review it, but it might be negative. She kept smiling, without any pause nor hint of doubt. The fact that what I said didn’t phase her one bit told me that she was confident in the quality of the software.
This is not a win-lose scenario with my endorsement versus your pocketbook — not at all. Try out the demo, and you will understand that you too have won the maintenance battle. See what the photo sweeper and application scanner turn up (and if you are cheap or broke, you could then manually remove the apps and dead prefs at least, but not the iPhoto library). Run the log cleaners that are in other packages but seem to run so much faster in CleanMyMac2.
CleanMyMac2 came out at least 2 months ago. So, why the long delay for a review? I didn’t want to prematurely recommend this app until I had used it a few months regularly. I have used other apps that I loved initially, but fell by the wayside when th novelty wore off, of their stability problems showed up. CleanMyMac2 has not suffered this fate . It has been stable and a joy to use. I too used to dread system maintenance days. (and I mean at least half a day of cleaning given the amount of apps and files I use each month.) But now it is about as bothersome as getting gas. CleanMyMac2 pops up I the notification center from time to time like a fuel gauge on 1/8 of a tank and reminds me that it has been too long since the cleaning. So, now I don’t even have to keep track of when to do it. (Don’t worry the reminders are an option and you can even set the interval.)
Another kind of cool feature is similar to hazels: it can offer to properly remove related files from a system when you delete an app. Since I already own Hazel, this is a superfluous feature, but if you don’t, it might be another attractive feature.
To date I have freed up about 20GB of storage space, or about 1.3% of my main drive’s total capacity. not much, but considering that I only have about 200GB free, this 20GB is significant. (Lossless music, video, audio samples and a few decades of other files really weighs one’s drive down.)
Even though I love great graphics, for apps I consider the functionality and ease of use primary. But MacPaw paid as much attention to the visual polish of the app as they did the features and user interaction. The look of the interface is very aesthetically pleasing: the animations are fluid and the graphics are “friendly” and calming. Instead of worrying about doing something wrong, I am noticeably happier when running CleanMyMac2 thanks to the graphics making me feel like I am giving my Mac a spa treatment, and making me feel better for doing what I should be doing. Psychological reinforcement aside, it is a very pretty program. But none of that would matter if it didn’t work properly and well with me. And it succeeds on that level as well.
If I were asked “what’s a good systme utility to clean up my system for crud and old files?” I would list CleanMyMac2 first. I would give it 5 stars if I gave out that many, but that rating is reserved for perfect apps that you need to get. I can’t really think of a reason why not to give it 5 stars though… So, officially I will give it a 4.5 rating and a wink to allow room for improvements that will probably occur to me 5 minutes after I go to bed. So, why are you still reading this? Go get the demo. But thanks, I appreciate your attention. And let me know how it works for you.

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