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A few years ago, I started leaving Social Media because the social media left me… While people are aware of what is happening in SoNet space, the idea of what and why they are doing this has not been crystalized and formalized. Late last year, I wrote a piece that I decided to sit on and let gel a bit more. Then a few announcements were made in the past month that lend credibility to my hypothesis that SoNetCorps are engaging in WebFracking. Read more on Dice. And look at the link storm of references to support the article’s accuracy below if you wish.

Reference Links:

Twitter Shuts Down TweetDeck For Android, iPhone And AIR, Discontinues TweetDeck’s Facebook Integration | TechCrunch

Exclusive: Facebook Cuts Off Access to Voxer Over Competition Concerns | All Things D

Facebook cuts off Suicide Machine access | CNet

Facebook Cut off Reach Generator | AdWeek

Twitter Has Begun to Cut Off Instagram — Is Facebook Next? | Forbes

Instagram cuts off Twitter cards integration, further souring relationship… | The Verge

Google Cuts Off Incredimail | BloggingStocks

Facebook Cuts Off Friend-Finder Access to Vine, Twitter’s New Video App — All Things D

Google Maps Cutso Off Access for Internet Explorer Users on Windows Phones | GantDaily

Google Cuts Off Facebook in ‘Data Liberation’ Mission | The Week

Google Cuts Off Its Big-Media Dreams | Gawker

Google Cuts Off Forestle | Blogoscoped

Google Cuts Off AppNexus, and the Ad Tech World Shudder | All Things D

Google cuts off Twitter realtime feeds | Examiner

Google cuts off independent bookstores | LA Observed

Viacom Cuts Off Google TV Access |TFTS

Facebook cuts off Google’s Friend Connect | VentureBeat

The Hills Are Greener: Apple Cuts Off Ties to Google … | Android Rundown

Referrals to Facebook Spike 1000% After Twitter Cuts Off LinkedIn [CHART]

Inside the Twitter-LinkedIn divorce | Fortune Tech

Facebook Cuts Off Find Friends Data To “Competing” Apps That Don’t Share… | Boston.com

This Week in Social: Facebook Cuts Off Reach Generator, “Pin This” Sees 637%… | Zuber Rants

LinkedIn Cuts Off API Access To BranchOut, Monster’s BeKnown And Others… | TechCrunch

Twitter cuts off service to LinkedIn, API changes draw ire – Tech Talk | CBS News

Twitter Suspends UberMedia Clients for Privacy & Monetization Violations, Trademark Infringement | TechCrunch

Cubeduel Cut Off By LinkedIn | Business Insider

Twitter Cuts IFTTT’s Balls Off | Ash Furrow

IFTTT Twitter channel diminished due to API changes Leaders West

Why Did IFTTT Remove Twitter Triggers? | Syracuse University, School of Information Studies

Twitter cuts off “find friends” access to Tumblr, too | Marco.org

As Instagram hits 80 million users, Twitter cuts off their ‘find friends’ API access… | 9to5 Mac

Following Pivot To Celebrity Tracking Site, Twitter Cuts Off Scoopler’s Firehose… | TechCrunch

Note: The Apple versus Google fracking is not about advertising and time spent on Google, and is instead about Google’s encroachment on Apple’s Hardware Dominance.


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