MacWorld Expo Wrap Up Part 1 and 2 on Dice News

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I went to the Macworld Expo earlier this month and wrote a wrap-up. It weighed in at over 3400 words. Instead of post it here, I offered it to DiceNews in hopes to reach a wider audience. It went live 2 weeks ago, and I have been so busy with projects I hadn’t had time to mention it here.

Check it out part 1: “Truly Great Mac Products for 2013” and part 2: “MacWorld Makes it Harder to Be Cynical About Apple”

Read on to find the links to these Articles…

Of course there was still many words left on the cutting room floor, but the heart of the article stands. I had links galore is it as well, but those were cut by a policy change on links. So, here all the links are in case you were wondering “Where do I find these fascinating toys and info?” Enjoy:

MacWorld show floor layout was close to the same size as far as vendor count as the first MacWorld Expo.

These are items I would love to get my hands on to test and use:

Seagate’s Wireless Plus 1TB $200 WiFi drive for 802.11N access to content on computers, including iOS devices. It blows away the size limits of the anemic storage of iOS devices below 16GB.

Hyper’s iUSBport a $99 USB to WiFi interface that takes any USB device and allows it to also share files Wireless with iOS devices. 3MB/s and a 2600mAh battery to bus power USB drives.

Akitio makers of portable Thunderbolt drives as well as the MyCloud One ($140 street) and the MyCloud Mini ($110 street) that allow what has been dubbed “Personal Cloud Devices” that allow you to access content plugged into these at home and on the Internet.

Akitio’s SSD laden Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition ($300 MSRP/ $240 street). As the name suggests it’s a portable Thunderbolt drive, with a new larger model available soon.

I mentioned USB3 Specs, and compared them to Thunderbolt.

I looked at the prototype for a new Horizontal Henge Dock.

In part 2, I covered AirPrint Color Laser Printers, which fluctuate in price but are around $150 (street price) for one that just does printing and goes up to about $350 (street price) for Multifunction Printers (MFPs) of my current SOHO pick: the HP 175nw a MFP with clear prints and decent first page out speeds. Also, I noticed they are very quiet. All I usually hear is the page being picked up in the tray and rolled out, in a modestly quiet room.

But if you don’t have $300 for an MFP, and just want to enable AirPrinting, I linked to the XPrint Server by Lantronix. In 2 flavors ($100 USB [1 printer] & $150 Ethernet [many printers]). The caveat is the limited current list of supported printers.
UPDATE: today listed a sales for the Lanteonix xPrint Server! At this price it might be a good addition to any SOHO link dealnews :sale at BestBuy today only.
And if even that exceeds your budget, I found that Printopia ($20) is the smoothest experience if you have a host Mac with a printer attached you can leave on. It can share out all printers the mac can use FYI, so it is more like a power hungry office (Ethernet LAN) version of the Lantronix solution.

Then it was off to bug the good people at Kanex and Polk to discuss their A2DP Bluetooth devices, the AirBlue which I reviewed awhile back. I jammed up the Polk reps about Bluetooth. They had legitimate concerns about not wanting to degrade the audio quality of their headphones, so I suggested they do a Marvel Style Team-Up with Kanex to make an AirBlue mount for their headphones. Polk’s UltraFocus 8000s won my heart but my loyalty to paying bills prevented me from plunking down $350 for these beauties, although, I sinned in my heart. ;)

speaking of USB Charging…* both Kanex’s 4 port Sydnee ($100) and Scosche [reVolt h2] ($30 retail) were options for multi-Tablet households. FYI: a comment came in about me not mentioning which devices these USB chargers were compatible with. I replied that USB is a standard port, and thus has the same voltage and pin out universally, and it should be compatible with anything as long as the charger can put out enough amperage to charge the device. But warned that a few vendors might not follow the spec and have to use special equipment, in which case I would steer clear of them. Many salespeople tell people they need the same brand’s charger, but they just want to make the sale in many cases, in my experience. Me, being a tech, have called salespeople on it saying that certain standards based devices need certain chargers or audio cables, and they have to back pedal or tell me that the device is not standards based, despite its physical connection. Their vested interest making a bigger sale is why I do not fully trust info that salespeople give me about products. But that’s another post.

I quickly mention MacPaw, but since their CleanMyMac 2 was in Beta & under NDA last I checked, I could not write about it. But I expect to review it soon. Oh, and I was wrong about CleanMyMac being of little use to advanced/expert users, it looks like it might be extremely useful to me. But more on that after it is released. (MacPaw peeps, drop me a line if I miss/missed the release.)

I mentioned Fishman’s TriplePlay ($400) wireless guitar mounted MIDI controller, and Godin Guitars that have it built in. The TriplePlay, is really awesome tech that allows a guitarist to play and sound like anything.

Last, I chatted with Chiropractor Ron Green of BowBlade. You can read about Ron and the Arrow TV Series suggested tie-in Part 2 of the Dice Article.

Whew, that took a lot longer than it should have. Next time, I am making a links entry ready with the article! This new links policy caught me by surprise. But that’s what happens when I rarely have time to write for them. =^)

Welcome to 2013 Mac Users. It should be pretty kick ass. >^•^<

[The Felinati made me add that!] So, sorry for the lateness and the rushed sloppy writing job. I am pretty sure Gaiman’s Law will hit the second I push this! And as always, comments and questions are always welcome.

(*okay I wasn’t, but I’m on the clock and don’t have time for smooth (Jazz) transitional love (Dr. Jones)); /*Oh wait, I’m not coding, I don’t need a semicolon. But whenever I see 2 parentheses I can’t help my Pavlovian response. For some reason SNL’s hilarious Technology Hump Skit comes to my mind with that Smooth Jazz reference. */

UPDATE: A comment on the dice article got lost when Dice switched back-ends. So, while I do not have the original post, a reader wrote asking questions. So, I thought I would add an email I sent the person, hoping to clarify my thoughts about USB and the costs of Inkjet vs. Laser printers:

First: I am not paid to review products, and I went to Macworld on my own dime. Income comes from my consulting business for SOHO users about various solutions such as the ones I wrote about it the article. So, while I wish you were right and I was a overpaid pundit, I am just a working guy like most people trying to get the most bang for the buck.
2: Every TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) study done on printing comes out in favor or Toner over inkjet. The inkjet gap is closing but it is not there yet. I had a client ask me about it, so I pulled up this updated 2011 study, that you might want to read:
the conclusion is that for medium volume printing Laser printing saves a lot of money. Considering that ink jets have to be cleaned and  that lowers your total output which this does not address either. So, IMO even low volume printing comes out in favor or Laserjets. All printers I have setup come with a starter set of cartridges that print an equivalent of 3-5 inkjet cartridges (whereas ink jets come with one set), further tipping the scale in favor of Laserprinting. Currently, the price per color print is around 15–20 cents for inkjet vs. around 12-17 cents for Laser.
3: USB: USB is a standard, so as long as the charger outputs enough amperage to charge the device, it should work unless there is a special chip that prevents third party chargers from working (sometimes out of technical necessity and sometimes to increase accessory sales). In those cases, they deviate from the standard and I would avoid them since the OEM products will always have a premium.
USB Ports on computers should have 500mA and chargers can vary, but I have not seen beyond 2.1A which can charge tablets and very quickly charge phones and small electronics.
So, I hope this clarifies the issues you had with my article. THank you for reading it, and I hope you find ways to save as much money as I have over the years with solid research skills. You and I are on the same side, fighting the good fight.

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