Dropbox Invitation Scam Spam Today

I got this in the email today. I found it fishy that a person I do not know sent this, so I moused over to see if my suspicion was correct. Yup! Scam most likely leading to a website that would do a drive by download and pwn my system. Patch your Windows Machines folks, & Mac users use Sophos! (I didn’t actually click the link because I didn’t want to take my machine and use it as a lab rat.) The moral of the story: look before you leap = check the real URL before you click.

As you can see the link leads elsewhere



4 thoughts on “Dropbox Invitation Scam Spam Today

  1. My partner got three copies of this email but what concerns me is that it happened just after I installed Dropbox on my old XP netbook. The only place they could have got the email address was from an email in the Outlook inbox or sentbox, it wasn’t even in the address book.

    • The email reception after installing Dropbox might be a cause, but more likely is that someone your partner sent an email to was already infected. My Dropbox email address has never gotten spam because I only use it for dropbox email reception.
      Dropbox makes their money by storing the data from people with premium accounts. If they started selling customer’s email addresses they would probably lose more business, and money that a premium account would generate than they could get for selling or trading that address.

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