Marvel’s The Avengers: A Comic Geek’s Quick Review

A good friend who went to a screening told me it wasn’t worth seeing, but it is kind of a tradition for us now. So, we went anyway. We saw it on the official opening day: Friday 11AM and the theater was half full to our suprise. I checked out the Rotten Tomatoes score and saw a 95% Movie-goer and a 92% Critical Rating. (It was up one more point per last I checked). So, I figure maybe my friend was being too harsh.

The movie’s >90% approval rating is well worth it. I think it is better than all the previous interrelated movies. There’s a lot of little touches here and there that really make it shine. I didn’t realize Joss Whedon directed it until I saw his name in the titles. So, if you like Whedon’s previous efforts: from Buffy to Serenity, you should like this one. The bickering is there, even though that wasn’t added to the Marvel timeline until far later in the series. This Ultimate universe interaction was my Friend’s main gripe. However the movie is faithful to the Marvel universe’s “rules.” For instance, what happens when An “irresistible force” hits Cap’s Vibranium Shield? Yup: that’s how Marvel Comics would play out that match up. The performances are top notch and the attention and respect for the source material is there as well. I was a bit skeptical about the Actor (Mark Ruffalo) cast as Bruce Banner, but he nailed it. Also, Actress Cobie Smulders — we all know as Robin from HIMYM — portrayal of SHIELD’s Deputy Director, Maria Hill, was actually good for a supporting character. At no time did her prior character interfere with the suspension of disbelief.

Stan Makes his usual cameo, and all is right with the world. The audience was really getting into it as well, with loud cheers at the appropriate parts. Also, part of the big fight scene is done with no cuts and smoothly follows each Avenger doing his or her thing. The fluidity of this one scene is one of those little touches that makes the film shine. I would love to mention some more of those touches, but they would be spoilers. But pay special attention to Maria Hill’s quick interaction with Fury about the trading cards. It exactly the type of character Fury is in the Marvel U. Do not forget to stay until the very end of the credits for the now classic Marvel Easter Egg scene, and carefully watch the actors’ faces. I’m not just talking about the teaser scene for the next one, either.

I would give it a solid 95% (almost perfect), and I will probably go see it again in the theaters, it is that good. If you know me, you know that I almost never pay theater prices twice for the same movie, even if it is Matinee. BTW, the new Amazing Spider-man Trailer looks great: seems like they nailed the wise-cracking Spider-man from the comics.


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