“For why is there no Second Article?” a.k.a. Research & App Overload

Wow WordPress just failed me badly. I spent a good hour or more on a long post, and this is all that’s left:

Well, I planned on having the second article in the communications series out by now, but it hasn’t happened for a few reasons. None of them being procrastination. As it turns out, I wanted to refresh my memory of certain things before I started spouting off about them, so I went back and re-read some chapters and have just been letting it gel in my head. Also, I’ve been busy with life and a few recent experiences with miscommunication have made me want to include and consider them.

Also, I decided to get an iOS/OS X program so I could brainstorm and plan each article first then arrange them logically. I have a program called MindNode, that I downloaded from the AppStore when the AppStore premiered. However, I wasn’t happy with it because its intended purpose of allowing you to quickly get your ideas down was hobbled by the interface that got in your way and slowed down getting your ideas written down before they were lost. While looking for another app like it I found SimpleMind (free) while browsing there Appstore and also found out that they had an iOS version as well that was also free.

To read the reader’s digest summary of what I wrote and can remember… click onward!

Let’s start over and TRY to remember what I wrote:

Quick summary (in word blobs — think 70s cartoon Spider-man out of breath speech or Shatner’s bad acting in Star Trek):

Recommended SimpleMind (bought the full iOS app), but wished it was OS X version was cheaper.

Started looking for an app to start writing snippets for the communications series, but encountered problems looking: 1) AppStore and iTMS categories are too general. (2) Also, there is no ability see similar apps like on MacUpdate.com, nor is there any rankings.

Reviews (in store or pro 3rd party), while helpful take a long time to go through and for every good review there can be an equally damaging negative one. Trying apps is time consuming and there needs to be a better way to narrow down your search.

Sales rankings, while a bit helpful, only encourage early and leading apps to stay in the lead despite there being newer or more innovative products.

So, I started thinking what I would like to see. Referenced 00’s “Drill down” buzzword. This is sorely needed in both sub-categorization of types of apps and feature filtering. This is done a bit of other categories (like automobiles) but not in most software stores.

Also, there should be a feature matrix that you can compare apps against each other.

Like some auto sites, you can compare cars and list general features (body style, horsepower, price), but can’t filter by more esoteric features, like Bluetooth integration with Airplay iOS devices and also power to weight ratio.

A lot of commerce companies are almost there, but none are fully fleshed out for sophisticated shoppers.

An enterprising person or company could make a lot of money specializing in delivering intelligent information manipulation tools overseen by a team of specialists for each category that also hand massage each entry.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to reconstruct my previous well explained, entertaining and more thought out entry, and I’m quite disappointed that technology let me down again. So, I’ll leave it at that.


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