and so it goes

While sitting at a coffee house, it hits me: I haven’t updated in a while. So here I am working on my next playlist for reVOLTing, GearHead and my Guest spot at Surgery this month.

So, what’s been happening. Well, first off I have to find a new place to live in the next few months. Meanwhile on the job front, still no solid bites. So, with the prodding of a friend, I’m working on creating a giant database for him to fill with his knowledge of all things comics. It’s been slow going considering I’ve never built anything with more than a few tables that interfaced with MySQL from PHP. I had forgotten about half my PHP/MySQL knowledge, and I’m used to working with frameworks that do all the heavy lifting for me. Thing is these all have a ton of overhead, that I don’t want. So, from scratch it is. I have to worry about things such as SQL injection attacks and cross site scripting, so I’m brushing up on security too. That’s going slowly since I’m relearning stuff in addition to learning new stuff.

Other than that things are going good. Despite the death of a good friend a few weeks back, I’m holding up pretty well. I have a fairly diverse set of friends — some of which are enjoying the dust and the heat on the playa that is Black Rock City: Burning Man.

“Everything’s fine, how are you?”


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