ReVOLTing 20100812 Playlist

Set 1:

  1. Pulse Legion: Maelstrom
  2. Anti-Mechanism: Ready to Detonate
  3. Apoptygma Berzerk: Coma White
  4. Ayria: Six Seconds
  5. Imperative Reaction: As We Fall
  6. Cylab: Dented Halos
  7. Destroid: Bird of Prey
  8. Gary Numan: Dark
  9. In Strict Confidence: Seven Lives
  10. Mentallo & the Fixer: Sacrilege (Grimpen Ward)
  11. OhGr: maJiK
  12. Psyclon Nine: Untitled (“It’s always Easier”)
  13. Rob Zombie: Living Dead Girl
  14. In Strict Confidence: The Darkest Corridors
  15. CyLab: Heart Shaped Box
  16. Velvet Acid Christ: Lysergia

Set 2:

  1. 16 Volt: Turning Japanese
  2. OhGr: Time Bomb
  3. The Faint: Paranoiattack
  4. Covenant: Final Man (Club Version)
  5. Hate Dept.: Release It
  6. System Syn: Skeleton of a Heart
  7. Combichrist: Can’t Change the Beat
  8. Wumpscut: Crown of Thorns
  9. Skinny Puppy: Politikill
  10. HexRx: Flesh
  11. Beborn Benton: Another World
  12. Wolfsheim: Once in a Lifetime
  13. Aoptygma Berzerk: Until the End of the World
  14. Assemblage 23: Skyquake
  15. Autour De Lucie:Chanson San Issue (ne vois-tu pas)
  16. Hanzel Und Gretyl: Aufweidersehen

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