reVolting: Set List

Last Night’s (7/8/2010) ReVOLTing set list.

  1. More Serotonin Please….(While I) Suffer in Silence (Apoptygma Berzerk)
  2. You Will Never Have It (Babyland)
  3. The Disappearance (System Syn)
  4. Lysergia (Velvet Acid Christ)
  5. The Grey Line (Wynardtage)
  6. Turning Japanese (16 Volt)
  7. Crown of Thorns (Wumpscut)
  8. Detonator (HexRx)
  9. Friend or Foe (Destroid)
  10. Lands of Fire (Iris)


  1. Coma White (Apoptygma Berzerk)
  2. Functional (Imperative Reaction)
  3. Gothic Paradise (Rotersand)
  4. Dented Halos – Interface Remix (Cylab)
  5. Can’t Change the Beat (Combichrist)
  6. Skeleton of a Heart (System Syn)
  7. The Siren (Aesthetic Perfection)
  8. Flesh (HexRx)
  9. Jesus Antichristus (:Wumpscut:)
  10. Creature of the Night (Zombie Girl)

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