Open Hunt

This weekend the open hunt headed to the glen. Since Torin wasn’t around to lead, I led the group to the Glen Castle to the spider caves there. We didn’t almost get wiped out like last time thanks to having Althea there as a another brick.

Open Hunt, March 7, 2010

A leisurely day with the open hunt

Here you can see Althea stepping up to brick a Violene Arachne the second after Starsword and Blindkan fall to them.

You can also see Jeanne running around with her bloodblade which was key in eliminating some threats.

We had 3 mystics along to boost, Jaqen, Melben and Rincewind. Despite the 3 Mystics and 4 healers, I rotated shares in addition to /sharecads, as many did and there were no complaints about shares.

All in all it was a leisurely hunt at the Mountain Glen castle, but it was not boring by any means. It took just about 2 RL hours. A good time was had by all.


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