Fry’s has 2TB Seagate drives for only $150 right now! If only I had a disposable income.


Oh well, they’ll be $99 commonly next year.

I also found the Samsung CLP315W printer for $149, the same model that I got my sister last year for less than that at Office Depot. Thing is now newegg’s site is down and I can’t link it. Did new egg implode? The lowest price anyone else has it at is $229, new. I mentioned the CLP315 before, and I read the review at C|Net. It only got 3 Stars there so as far as Laser Printer go it’s only okay, but compared to inkjet’s a slow laser jet with okay output isn’t bad for $149.

I’m also looking at SD cards. This Apple KB Article details that an SD card can be used for booting up OS X! 32GB SD Cards, here I come. In an emergency one of these would be handy. I added 2 of these to my Amazon Wish List — more like “Pipe Dream list.”


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