The Undine mines are a place few exiles know about or go because it’s only open during certain times. While I can’t remember the exact way there. It full of many twists and turns. I hope to be able to navigate there on my own.

On my first trip there, Leinis led me, Fafnir, Gremlins and Hel there. There were many undine in the area but nothing we couldn’t handle:

The next day, Tafari wanted to go. So, we grabbed Azel, Osito and Fafnir.

I tried ot sketch the way there after the maze:

We encountered light resistance on the way. Azel had never been here:

But soon we reached the ladder to the river:

And we found a good number of Undine waiting for us:

At first it was a standard hunt. Just Corpse Knights and Corrosive Corpses:

But soon:

Things went south.

But luckily our healers survived, and we triumphed:



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